PowerBuilder 12.6:
The Hottest Thing Yet to ROCK .NET

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PowerBuilder is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective application development tool for creating high-performance, data-driven business applications. PowerBuilder is both revolutionary and proven technology that has uniquely evolved to stay in synch with the latest functionality and visual user interface advances. PowerBuilder IS .NET…and so much more.

PowerBuilder 12.6: It IS .NET…and so much more!

Sybase PowerBuilder 12.6 is the second full-fledged .NET release of the market’s favorite application development tool, bringing true power and ease of use to .NET. In the box, you’ll find two Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) that give you options. You can build and deploy applications in a traditional Client/Server architecture, deploy to WebForms, WindowForms, or Smart Client applications. Or, you can leverage the power of the new IDE, built on top of Visual Studio, to develop stellar Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. Or, you can use both. You can even migrate your Win32 applications to WPF, something that no other tool provides you. PowerBuilder supports Microsoft’s Common Language Specification (CLS) and its .NET features enable you to deploy NVOs and CVUOs as assemblies for your Visual Studio teammates. In short, PowerBuilder IS .NET, but it’s much, much more than just that.

So, what’s new in PowerBuilder 12?

New WPF DataWindow Features:
  • AutoWidth Column for grid style DataWindow
  • Optimized SRD syntax
  • DataWindow Buffers in the Debugger
  • Tab Order and Enabled support
  • Child DataWindow control support
  • New Candlestick Graph DataWindow style
  • Global Functions list
New Win32 DataWindow Features:
  • AutoWidth Column for grid style DataWindow
  • New Properties for DataWindow controls
  • Transparent Property for Window Controls
  • Transparency property for all Standalone Controls
  • Sharing data sources with .NET
  • RTF and Images in the DataWindow
  • User-Drawn Controls in the DataWindow
New Target Types:
  • WCF Services
  • Support for Custom Visual User Objects (CVUO) as .NET Assemblies
  • PB .NET Assembly
  • REST Client support – PowerBuilder .NET targets can be clients that consume RESTful (Representational State Transfer) Web Services
.NET 4.0 Framework support:
  • Improved security for .NET applications
  • Improved exception handling for applications that leverage the .NET framework
  • Improved WPF 4.0 enhancements – so all the new functionality that Microsoft has put into the .NET Framework 4.0 for WPF will be leveraged in the targets listed above


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