Sybase PowerBuilder 12.6

PowerBuilder is Sybase’s award-winning, developer-favorite, rapid-application development tool.

PowerBuilder Enterprise delivers the ability to rapidly create Smart Clients as well as two-tier, distributed, and Web applications for a variety of platforms, including JEE, Win32, and .NET. PowerBuilder 12.0 is a revolutionary new release! It is the final phase of the product’s 4-phase plan to deliver .NET. It delivers full support for the .NET language specification, which means that PowerBuilder IS a .NET language. Developers can now consume any .NET assembly with any data type supported in the Common Language Specification (CLS) and can produce .NET assemblies to share with partners and other development teams. Most important, PowerBuilder 12 is the only product on the market that provides a migration path for Win32 code, directly to .NET and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). UPDATEWhat’s new in PowerBuilder 12.6? (*.pdf)
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PowerBuilder diagram


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